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Elevate Your Projects with Timber Excellence: Services at Timber House

At Timber House Pvt Ltd, we take pride in delivering exceptional services to meet all your timber needs. Explore the excellence of our offerings:

Precision-Crafted Timber:
Our Modern Sawmill

Step into the heart of innovation with our fully equipped, modern in-house sawmill. Operated with highly effective machinery and equipment, we ensure precision in crafting timber that meets the exact requirements of our valued customers.

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Expert Consultancy: Tailoring Timber Solutions

Our pleasure lies in providing expert consultancy to our prospective customers. Benefit from our guidance in the evaluation and selection of the most suitable timber types, meticulously tailored to individual and corporate needs. Your project deserves the right timber, and we are here to help you choose wisely.

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Heavy Load Specialists: Safe and Efficient Transport

As specialists in transporting heavy loads, we go the extra mile to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your purchases. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your timber products will reach you in pristine condition. Plus, take advantage of our complimentary delivery services for all purchases made from Timber House Pvt Ltd.


Through hard work, passion, perceptiveness, focus, and continual commitment, Timber House Pvt Ltd aims to ensure that all our stakeholders work effortlessly to drive excellence throughout all aspects of our business. Vision To be the most preferred and sought-after business partner and supplier in the timber industry. Mission To meet the ever-changing expectations of our customers through the provision of total solutions for the products and services we offer.